“I am so happy that I chose Edana and Jenn as my birth team! The level of care and support they provided throughout my pregnancy, during the birth, and now in the postpartum time have been such a huge blessing to me. They gave me the confidence to trust my body, to birth naturally, and to do so in the comfort and familiarity of my home. My son was welcomed into the world peacefully and under the watchful eyes of experienced, competent women. This was my first pregnancy, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way! Thank you!” – GB

“Edana Hall and Jennifer Oquendo have been and are amazing. I will never forget how loving and caring they were when I had both my healthy babies with them. At the onset, I was apprehensive about homebirths, but now I am so glad that I chose to have given birth at home that I would not do it any other way. Not only are Edana and Jennifer extremely knowledgeable, and experienced, having done hundreds of births, but also I felt as though I were being taken care of by family; they are a very warm, caring, highly professional team. I loved their intuitive and research-based approach to birthing and how well they worked with each other. Having a home birth also provided me with the comfort of my home and the flexibility to birth according to my wishes as opposed to having to follow rigid hospital rules and procedures. Consequently, I had a much more relaxed, pleasant, and memorable birthing experience. They were so helpful, answered all our questions during unhurried office/home visits, and were always there when we needed them. I enjoyed the whole process with Edana and Jennifer so much that I would tell my younger sisters to birth with them if they were pregnant. I highly recommend them.” – MF

“My experience with Edana as my midwife has been transformative. Her care and attention for myself, my family and my new baby has extended beyond birth and still continues. Edana exudes compassion and has a gentle, anticipatory touch that comforts and warms you. The care she provides is truly ‘personal’ and tremendously heartfelt. Her expertise in herbs and natural healing remedies is amazing. Having Edana assist with my birth was a privilege and a blessing. Above all, Edana is genuine, a quality scarcely found in the healthcare world today.” – SE


“We cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Edana, Jennifer and Mishell. We transferred from an OB/GYN half way through the pregnancy and it was interesting to see the contrast in care given. Our first child was born at the hospital, so we had that to compare as well. The midwives were extremely involved and took plenty of time for each visit to address any concerns, doubts or thoughts. They noticed during an exam the that baby was breech at 37+ weeks and we were able to get her to flip at 38 weeks using methods they suggested. Delivery was amazingly smooth at home with a birthing tub, they were calm and comforting through the labor process, we felt confident in their abilities and that they would transfer to the hospital had there been a need. Postpartum care was perhaps the most impressive, it was so nice having them come to our home to care for mom & baby vs. us having to go sit in a doctor’s office. Also, 2 family members got really sick soon after delivery, Edana made herbal cough syrup and checked in on them as well, above and beyond the call of duty. Edana was quickly responsive 24 hours a day through text or phone calls during the whole process. We highly recommend home birth and Holistic Midwifery Care!” -KS